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Eòghann MacLachlainn, former Registrar of the society

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Comann Each nan Eilean - The Eriskay Pony Society is a charity founded in 1972 to safeguard and conserve the Eriskay Pony, a unique Scottish native breed. It is the mother society and holds the Studbook of Origin for the breed. HRH The Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay, has graciously been the Society’s Patron since 1998.

The Society is based in the Isle of Eriskay and is dedicated to preserving the Eriskay Pony in its native heath. Many committee members are islanders who grew up around the ponies, using them for croft work.

There is another equine society for the promotion of the pony breed, called The Eriskay Pony Society, formerly The Eriskay Pony Breed Society founded in 1986 by divergent members of this society. This society runs a separate breeding programme.

As the breed is critically endangered, we do not allow for cross-breeding and only use 100% purebred Eriskay Pony stallions. We believe that it is vital to the maintenance of the breed’s character that any conservation work is rooted within the Western Isles, the pony’s natural environment.

We are a passport issuing organisation (PIO) for the Eriskay Pony.

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