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“Critical “ Fewer than 300 in the world 

Patron: H.R.H. King Charles III, Duke of Rothesay

Membership shall be open to all who endorse the beliefs and aims of

The Eriskay Pony Society - Comann Each nan Eilean.

Comann Each nan Eilean has a membership comprised of both horse owners and enthusiasts across the world.

It is open to all who share the beliefs and aims of the Society.

There are three memberships types: full voting, full non-voting and affiliated body non-voting.



 Members resident in the Outer Hebrides with HS Postcodes.




Members resident elsewhere in UK and overseas. (Entitled to Full membership benefits without voting rights)  



Members admitted to membership through membership of an Affiliated Body   

Junior Membership 

Please remember to fill out the form below

& make payment by clicking the appropriate button!

Members who are not full voting members are welcome to attend and, with the permission of the chair, to speak personally or through an appointed proxy at AGMs and all general meetings (Application forms are available from the registered office). If you need assistance at any time email :

To become a member please make the Payment of £20 (£10 Junior Members) above and submit the Application Form 

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  • To save the Eriskay Pony (Each Eirisgeidh) from extinction, to conserve the breed and to procure, by controlled breeding, good specimens of Eich Eirisgeidh for the future.

  • To maintain and operate a Register of Ponies in accordance with such Rules as may from time be agreed by the Executive Committee or at the (AGM) Annual General Meeting.  

  • To promote study into the history, origin and characteristics of the Eriskay Pony and to encourage it’s use for work and recreation especially on the island of Eriskay, the Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the rest of the UK  

  • To publicise the Eriskay Pony -  Eich Eirisgeidh progressively throughout the world. If accepted for membership I agree to abide by the society’s constitution and rules.

As a member​ I agree to support the “Main Aims and Objectives” of The Eriskay Pony Society - Comann Each nan Eilean, by conserving the Eriskay Pony - Each Eirisgeidh, especially on it’s native habitat on the island of Eriskay, it’s neighbouring islands as well as other areas where the ponies are bred. 

You Don't Need To Be A Member To Support The Eriskay Ponies.

All Donations Go Towards The Continued Support Of The Eriskay Pony. 

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